Top 5 Interview Tips from Coryer Staffing

You’re in the market for a new job, but need to brush up on your interview skills. Fortunately, our team has no shortage of tips and tricks to offer those on the job hunt in the greater Plattsburgh area. Check out the tips below, and prepare to master your next job interview:

  1. Understand the importance of first impressions. Arrive at your interview 15 minutes early, wear clean clothing, speak clearly and make eye contact, and have confidence in yourself!
  2. Be prepared. Sit down with a friend or family member and fine-tune your interview answers. Doing so will allow you to speak more confidently in the interview.
  3. Know what you’re interviewing for. There’s nothing more flattering to an employer than a candidate that shows an interest in the company, along with an understanding of the position they are interviewing for.
  4. Bring your resume. Your resume tells hiring managers what you bring to the table. Arrive prepared by having multiple copies of your resume. Do well in an interview, and you may find yourself speaking with more people than you thought you might!
  5. Be Prepared to Ask Questions. It has often been said that you will be better remembered by the questions you ask than the answers you give. Asking questions endears you to the interviewer – ask them about the company, the position, or simply themselves!

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