Jarred Vislocky

With more than a year in his seat at Coryer Staffing, Jarred Vislocky is the go-to person for all things marketing, social media, video, audio, and IT support. A 2015 Plattsburgh State grad with dual degrees in TV / Video and Audio/ Video Production, Jarred brings a wealth of experience and innovation to everything creative at Coryer.

A shout-out to media companies: If you are in any of the communities where Coryer Staffing is active and eager to help in our effort to gain the attention of client companies and candidates alike, reach out to Jarred Vislocky directly, as he is ever-eager to work with a wide variety of media outlets and is often touted as their favorite POC….why? Because Jarred is smart, kind, knowledgeable, and responsive! jvislocky@coryerstaffing.com

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