Coryer Staffing Delivers Exceptional Support at the FISU World University Games in Lake Placid

The FISU World University Games, held in Lake Placid last month, was a huge success thanks in part to the support of Coryer Staffing. The event organizers called upon the agency to provide additional personnel to assist with specific tasks, and Coryer Staffing was happy to oblige.

The team of highly qualified and motivated individuals assembled by Coryer Staffing significantly impacted the event, allowing the organizers to focus on other essential aspects. Their hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed, as the organizers praised the agency for its professionalism and for providing such a fantastic team of individuals.

In a post-event statement, the organizers expressed their gratitude for Coryer Staffing’s contribution to the success of the FISU World University Games. They highlighted the agency’s commitment and dedication to the event and thanked them for providing the support needed to make it run smoothly.

“The help we received from Jared Murphy and the rest of the staff for drivers was a huge help, and dare I say, imperative to our success in being able to staff appropriately for the games. It allowed us to divert our focus to other positions and get us to where we needed to be.”

-Eric P., Lake Placid 2023/FISU World University Games (Winter)