Having a Coryer Staffing Recruiter In Your Corner Is A Partnership that Powers You Forward

Walk through the doors at Coryer Staffing and you’ll more than likely be introduced to a Coryer Staffing recruiter. But what do Coryer Staffing recruiters actually do? And will working with one actually help you land your next job in the greater Plattsburgh or Burlington area? Read on to find out!

What does a recruiter do?

Think of recruiters as career experts. After all, recruiters are “experts in the finding, screening and attracting of applicants for open positions,” Rasmussen University reports. That’s not all recruiters do, either. Recruiters are also able to give meaningful career advice and help job-seekers hone in on their interview skills. For individuals in need of a job in Plattsburgh, NY, or Burlington, VT, that’s all good news. 

Can working with a recruiter really get you a job?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if working with a recruiter can really help you get a job? It can. In fact, job seekers in Plattsburgh, NY, and Burlington, VT often partner with Coryer Staffing to land some of the best jobs in the region. These have included jobs with local manufacturers, warehouse facilities, corporate offices, and more. Working with a Coryer Staffing recruiter doesn’t cost anything, either. 

“Coryer Staffing is excellent, I can’t recommend them enough. I sent them my resume and was contacted with several job positions that suited what I was looking for. The staff is friendly, professional, and fun. They make the process of finding employment a little less stressful. They are extremely knowledgeable and even help you build a better resume. They tell you everything you need to know to arrive to your new job prepared to work.  If your looking for a job or a job change stop by and see them, you won’t be sorry.”

K.L. 2022

The benefits of working with a Coryer Staffing recruiter

There are good recruiters out there. Then there are great recruiters. And above them? There are Coryer Staffing recruiters. Unlike many staffing agencies in Plattsburgh, NY, and Burlington, VT, Coryer Staffing is staffed by a team of knowledgeable and empathetic recruiters that are committed to unlocking meaningful job opportunities for individuals in the greater Plattsburgh and Champlain Valley regions. Work with a Coryer Staffing recruiter and:

  • Avoid cluttered job boards and work with a dedicated recruiter
  • Benefit from the proven, diverse network of a highly connected team 
  • Gain confidence, develop skills, and launch a successful career

Work with a Coryer Staffing recruiter and land a job in Plattsburgh, NY or Burlington, VT

If you’re on the hunt for a new job in Plattsburgh, NY, or Burlington, VT, call the team at Coryer Staffing today. You’ll be matched with a dedicated recruiter that’s not only tapped into the best jobs in the greater Plattsburgh and Burlington region but that’s also committed to putting you on the path to success.

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