What are you doing after graduation?

An Upward Trajectory

Graduating high school comes with many reasons to celebrate for young adults – but what about those who don’t have a clear path in mind? The RAMP Program, launched in July 2018 by Coryer Staffing (a full-service staffing and recruitment agency in Northern New York) prepares high school graduates to not just survive, but thrive. RAMP’s mission is to develop a regional workforce pipeline, building stronger companies and communities, one participant at a time.

With RAMP, young adults train and build their network with the same employers who are hiring, gaining the skills needed to succeed right out of the gate. RAMP Counselors engage students who are undecided about their future after graduation, providing a supportive transition into the workforce for its participants. Young adults are given diverse work experiences, career counseling, training options, clarity, and a sense of self-worth.

“I find it really exciting,” Beth Daley, RAMP Counselor says, “to watch these students grow and learn, and become responsible, working adults.”

RAMP is building a new generation of workers that are Ready, Able, Marketable, and Proven. Through diverse work experiences and a wealth of training opportunities, a RAMP participant can transform from a high school student to a valuable employee during their RAMP Year.

New Generation of Employees

The benefits of RAMP are broad; while participants develop real-life skills and work ethic, this in turn helps to elevate regional companies as well as the overall workforce across the North Country. A strong workforce means strong companies; strong companies build strong communities. It all starts with RAMP.

“As a client partner with RAMP’s pilot program, we embrace this innovative workforce solution. It fills a need in our industry and I believe the skills RAMP participants learn here will be relevant for the rest of their lives,” says Eric Zeisloft, Vice President of Operations at Mold-Rite Plastics.

So much more than simply a work experience program, RAMP is committed to its role of pipeline management for a balanced workforce, and passionate in its mission to develop the next generation of talent for this area.

Strong Companies Build Strong Communities 

RAMP’s ripple effect touches and strengthens the community, too. By providing young adults with a chance to explore local careers and industries they may not have previously considered, as well as offering the option to earn a micro-credential in manufacturing and college credit, it diversifies the skill set of the regional talent pool, helping companies to bring a new generation of employees into their workforce.

Engaging young adults at the right time is crucial. RAMP is designed specifically to connect with out-of-school youth shifting their expectations and outlooks before they become just another statistic. Described as an “alternative gap year,” RAMP allows students who are not ready or interested in continuing their formal education to earn money, gain skills, and work alongside world-class professionals while deciding the next steps in their lives.

The success of RAMP helps to reduce the potential for “at risk” behavior like crime and drug addiction among the area’s young adults, and, by tapping into this group, developing an engaged, skilled workforce, RAMP is adding to the list of reasons companies have for relocating to and staying in our area. It all adds up to stable, healthy, and vibrant communities.

Guidance for Grads

Leaving the structured educational path of high school can seem like a daunting prospect to students and parents when it looms on the horizon. RAMP engages high schoolers with no plans in the run-up to and through graduation, giving them meaningful, paid real-world experience and independence coupled with expert guidance, support, and structure from the RAMP team. “It’s like having your school counselor with you for another year,” says Dick Christie, RAMP Counselor in St. Lawrence County.

Full-time support offered to young adults during a RAMP year includes…

  • Interview preparation and tips
  • Workplace communication training
  • Transportation if/when needed
  • Personal and professional guidance

“I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone who can’t find a job, doesn’t have the help or the means of going out there themselves and finding one,” says Trent Smithers, a current RAMP participant. “Day one I didn’t know anything about working, and I feel comfortable about it now. The RAMP program has turned me into a harder worker.”

Take a RAMP Year

Thinking about the many options after high school? The RAMP team can help. The North Country has a variety of industries and positions for young adults to explore. RAMP by Coryer Staffing is excited to introduce you to Your Future, Your Choice, Your Path to Success!

Find out more about taking a RAMP year by talking to your guidance counselor or by calling (518) 324-5678, emailing customer-service@coryerstaffing.com or visiting Coryerstaffing.com.