Susan Pekrul

Meet Susan, a beacon of warmth specializing in Customer Support. Susan joined the Coryer team following a healthcare career. In her years as a Medical Assistant, Susan was more than a skilled professional; she was a source of comfort and kindness to all her patients.

Susan’s genuine and positive energy enriches the Coryer Staffing team immeasurably, making her presence a gift to those around her.

Outside of work, Susan’s life is beautifully balanced with summers spent kayaking, gardening, baking, and cherishing moments with her three grandchildren.

Jared Murphy

Jared Murphy’s diverse professional experience has honed his technical skills and enabled him to excel in his current role as an account manager at Coryer Staffing. A Plattsburgh native and PHS alumnus, Jared served four years in the United States Air Force as an Aircrew Flight Equipment Technician, where he developed his focus, attention to detail, and ability to perform under pressure. After his service, Jared continued to pursue his technical interests and worked as a splicing technician at a local manufacturing company. While there, he helped develop an Ultrasonic Splicing department, working closely with his supervisor to increase production and grow the company’s Plattsburgh base.

Now a valued member of the Coryer Staffing team, Jared utilizes his extensive technical background and passion for helping others find fulfilling work to excel in his role as an account manager. He serves as the main point of contact for clients, ensuring that their needs are met and building long-term partnerships. Jared’s commitment to maintaining accurate client records, staying up-to-date on contract updates, and collaborating with team members to find new ways to improve business highlights his dedication to excellence and continuous growth.

Sally Jabaut

Sally Jabaut is yet another outstanding addition to Coryer Staffing, joining the team as a Direct Hire Recruiter in June of 2021. Hiring Sally was based on our personal experience, placing job ads in the local newspaper, where Sally worked for more than 16 years in ad sales. Sally was the consummate professional in all our dealings. When Elizabeth and I learned of Sally’s desire to make a career change, our first thought was to extend an invitation to join our team.

To our great pleasure, Sally accepted the offer and has been a superstar. Outside of work, Sally and her husband Shane are avid car enthusiasts who enjoy going to camp, taking vacations, or simply grabbing lunch with their grandchildren! If you own or manage an employer in the greater North Country and would like assistance attracting talent to your ranks, there is nobody better than Sally Jabaut to help you succeed in this effort.

Also, If you are actively or passively seeking new opportunities and want to discuss the current employment market with Sally – she is available anytime that works for you! Sally can be reached at or 518-324-5678

Kellie Lathrop

In August of 2021, Kellie Lathrop proudly joined the Coryer Staffing Back Office team, bringing her vast experience and indomitable spirit. Before joining Coryer Staffing, Kellie held various finance and educational roles, making her uniquely qualified to provide the finance, accounting, and grant support we had been seeking for Coryer Staffing and our RAMP program. As a result of her dedication and performance, Kellie has a bright future with Coryer Staffing and is well-liked by all. Kellie Lathrop is friendly, focused, and ever-eager to positively impact business operations.

Outside Coryer Staffing, Kellie and her favorite guy Adlai can be found at local school and sporting events cheering on her two daughters.

Elizabeth Goerlitz-Coryer

Elizabeth Goerlitz-Coryer’s father, Señor Goerlitz, would say that she’s been preparing for the CEO and co-founder of her own company since she was born. Driven, spunky, and beyond bright, Elizabeth leads the mission-driven culture at Coryer Staffing with a talented group of individuals from varying backgrounds. Elizabeth’s education and sales management background make her a rare leader who can balance a kind and nurturing disposition while also being the office workhorse and motivator. Also, the President of this region’s JCEO Community Action Angels, Elizabeth, is devoted to leading community-centric programs such as the Backpack Program, Fostering Komfort, and the Safe Sleep Project. With deep roots in Plattsburgh, Elizabeth and her husband David, COO and co-founder of Coryer Staffing, love their entire life with their boys Lukas and Rhys. It’s full of non-stop sports, school events, friends, fishing, skiing, and their growing business, making a local impact.

Vickie Rascoe

Vickie brings awesome energy and organizational skills to Coryer Staffing! Having dedicated herself to a variety of jobs over the years, from doctor’s offices to travel agents; manufacturing to customer service, she is able to apply her eagerness to help others and passion for learning, as a valuable member of our team.

“I help out our recruiters, assist with payroll, organize the office, help the front desk when needed and assist on projects. I like to be busy and I love challenges!”

Kendra Miller

Luckily for all of us at Coryer Staffing, Kendra Miller came aboard in January of this year to lead and manage RAMP, and our beloved program has never been better!  With more than 20 years of experience in education, and her type A personality, Kendra is guiding RAMP with solid direction, organization, and a keen sense of how to genuinely connect with the many high school students who, upon graduation, will best benefit by joining RAMP.  Kendra is also an outstanding team manager and thanks Jen, Ann, Beth, and the entire Coryer Staffing team for the support and success RAMP is experiencing today and for the bright future ahead.
When Kendra isn’t busy running RAMP, you can find her with her husband Ryan at a school sporting event, proudly cheering on their talented Warren and Bella, who are perennially the star players!

If you know of a recent high school graduate who could benefit from a supported work experience program, contact Kendra Miller and learn more about RAMP!

Jen Gelay

When Jen agreed to move to Upstate New York with her family, she thought that they might move to a place like Saratoga. She was not expecting to move from the sandy beaches of New Jersey to the peaks and valleys of the North Country. After ten years of residing in Clinton County, though, Jen has come to love all that the greater Plattsburgh area offers. From her picturesque horse farm to her involvement with the Beekmantown PTO, Jen has become ingrained in our community. Pair her community involvement with her years of staffing experience in the manufacturing industry. You’ll be pleased to find that Jen has a wealth of valuable advice to offer both RAMP candidates and participants.

David Coryer

David Coryer is the leading staffing and recruiting expert in the North Country region of New York State. David’s career has spanned 20 years in the industry, making entry-level to executive management placements across the spectrum of professional industries. He led divisions at Robert Half International in Denver and Chicago early on. In 2004, David brought his expertise home to Plattsburgh, where he continues to build and maintain career-long relationships, always with a personal touch and genuine warmth that makes him the go-to recruiter again and again for clients and candidates. David is also an active member of the Plattsburgh community, serving on United Way of the Adirondack Region boards, North Country Workforce Development Partnership, Vision2Action, and Plattsburgh Little League. David was also a founding Board Member of the Adirondack Young Professionals. In 2016, David and his wife, Elizabeth, co-founded Coryer Staffing and launched the innovative RAMP program in 2018.