Kendra Miller

Luckily for all of us at Coryer Staffing, Kendra Miller came aboard in January of this year to lead and manage RAMP, and our beloved program has never been better!  With more than 20 years of experience in education, and her type A personality, Kendra is guiding RAMP with solid direction, organization, and a keen sense of how to genuinely connect with the many high school students who, upon graduation, will best benefit by joining RAMP.  Kendra is also an outstanding team manager and thanks Jen, Ann, Beth, and the entire Coryer Staffing team for the support and success RAMP is experiencing today and for the bright future ahead.
When Kendra isn’t busy running RAMP, you can find her with her husband Ryan at a school sporting event, proudly cheering on their talented Warren and Bella, who are perennially the star players!

If you know of a recent high school graduate who could benefit from a supported work experience program, contact Kendra Miller and learn more about RAMP!

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