Elizabeth Goerlitz-Coryer

Elizabeth Goerlitz-Coryer’s father, Señor Goelritz, would say that she’s been preparing for the role of CEO and co-founder of her own company since the day she was born. Driven, spunky, and beyond bright, Elizabeth leads the mission-driven culture at Coryer Staffing with a talented group of individuals from varying backgrounds. Elizabeth’s own background in education and sales management makes her a rare leader with the ability to balance a kind and nurturing disposition while also being the office workhorse and motivator. Also the President of this region’s JCEO Community Action Angels, Elizabeth is devoted to leading community-centric programs such as the Backpack Program, Fostering Komfort, and the Safe Sleep Project. With deep roots in Plattsburgh, Elizabeth and her husband David, COO and co-founder of Coryer Staffing, love the full life they have here with their boys Lukas and Rhys. It’s full of non-stop sports, school events, friends, fishing, skiing, and their growing business that is making a local impact.

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