Sally Jabaut

Sally Jabaut is yet another outstanding addition to Coryer Staffing, joining the team as a Direct Hire Recruiter in June of 2021. Hiring Sally was based on our personal experience, placing job ads in the local newspaper, where Sally worked for more than 16 years in ad sales. Sally was the consummate professional in all our dealings. When Elizabeth and I learned of Sally’s desire to make a career change, our first thought was to extend an invitation to join our team.

To our great pleasure, Sally accepted the offer and has been a superstar. Outside of work, Sally and her husband Shane are avid car enthusiasts who enjoy going to camp, taking vacations, or simply grabbing lunch with their grandchildren! If you own or manage an employer in the greater North Country and would like assistance attracting talent to your ranks, there is nobody better than Sally Jabaut to help you succeed in this effort.

Also, If you are actively or passively seeking new opportunities and want to discuss the current employment market with Sally – she is available anytime that works for you! Sally can be reached at or 518-324-5678

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